Shipping Information


We provide the following delivery options (we do not ship to a PO Box):

5 – 8 Business Days: Shipped via USPS

This is ONLY option available for orders shipping to Canada - UPS Canada Express. Delivery takes 3 to 4 business days. The shipping cost calculation does NOT include brokerage fees or Canadian duties and taxes which are collected by UPS.

If shipping to military locations (APO or FPO addresses), then the 3 – 4 Business Days option will be via USPS Priority Mail and in certain cases may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Please note, USPS cannot provide specific tracking information (such as with UPS or FedEx). Should any issues arise with your shipment, you will need to contact the U.S. Postal Service. Although we will do our best to provide shipping information, we cannot take responsibility, issue credits, or provide refunds for damaged or lost products during transport when shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Customer Pick-Up: If you live in New York Tri State area or will be in the neighborhood, please feel free to visit us, pick up your order, munch on some free samples, and skip the shipping costs! Before stopping by, please wait until we contact you that your order is ready for pick up. 

NOTE: You will need to present valid photo identification (matching the name listed under the "Billing" section of your order confirmation receipt) when you pick up your order. If you plan to have someone else pick up your order, that person will need a copy of your photo ID (a clear image of your ID sent via a smartphone is sufficient).

Please keep in mind the following:

*No matter which shipping method is selected, we require at least 1 business day to process your order. An order must be received by 12:00 p.m. (PST) for the day the order was placed to qualify as a "business day". On the rare occasion in-house processing will take longer than 2 business days, we will contact you.

*USPS does not deliver on Sunday and will only deliver on Saturday for an additional fee. If you require a Saturday delivery, please call us.

*Our main warehouse in Brooklyn, NY sends shipments daily Monday through Friday (United States holidays excepted).

*Placing an order does not guarantee shipment. We reserve the right to cancel or modify orders depending on availability. Because we manufacture upon the order (so as to keep our inventory as fresh as possible), we may at times not have certain items in stock.


Shipping charges are calculated using USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipping tables and are based on package weight and size, delivery distance and shipping method. Shipping costs approximately double for every upgrade (e.g., USPS Overnight will cost roughly twice that of USPS 2 Day). Unfortunately, weight plays a significant factor in determining shipping costs and bulk candy has a high shipping-to-product-cost ratio. For example:

If you purchase a diamond for $1,000, shipping is likely going to be approximately $20, (2% of the diamond price). On the other hand, if you purchase $1,000 worth of candy, your shipping cost will likely be $200 (20% of the cost of the candy). Products such as jewelry, CDs, electronics, clothing, and flowers are light; therefore, their shipping costs will not represent a large percentage of their total order cost. Sweets, for better or for worse, outweigh the competition!


The USPS charge for an address correction is $12.50 per package. If you enter your address incorrectly when placing an order and USPS bills us for address correction costs, we will in turn charge your credit card for all associated USPS fees. If you change your mind about an order after it has already shipped from our warehouse and you would like to re-route the package(s) back to, the USPS charge for a delivery intercept is $12.50 per package. We will automatically bill all associated UPS fees to your credit card.


United States & Canada. Please note our website only accepts online orders placed within the U.S. or Canada (e.g., you are traveling in London and want to place an online order to be shipped to your home in New York, our system will not accept this order).  

If you would like to purchase products from a non-US or Canada location, you have two options:

1.     Have someone within our service area place your order for you within the United States using a credit card with a US or Canadian billing address. You can either collect the product if you are going to be in the country, or have it shipped to you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to handle any of the export or shipping process.

2.     Place an order from outside our service area by contacting Customer Care. You will be entirely responsible for all shipping, customs, and duties that may apply. We are also unable to provide any broker or expert services or paperwork. All payments must be made in the form of a wire transfer, a cleared check, or a cashier's check. If you would like to place an order this way, please call Customer Care at 718-330-1000 and speak to a representative who can help you with our international processing.

USPS may have international shipping for the country in which you reside. Please contact USPS at for information.

Please remember:

We do not accept international credit cards.

Once the product leaves our warehouse, there can be no returns for any reason.

Our Meltable Products Policy still applies. Some products may melt in transit depending upon the weather, but we will not be able to offer any refunds.


We cannot issue credits or refunds for orders not delivered on specific dates unless (1) you notified us that you needed the order by a certain date AND (2) the order is shipped via USPS Overnight or USPS 2 Day. Because delivery times for orders shipped by ground delivery methods vary from state to state, no guarantees regarding delivery dates can be made. If you absolutely need your products on a certain day, please let us know and we will do our best to advise you regarding the most appropriate delivery option.

Golden Chocolate is not responsible and cannot provide refunds for delays outside our control including inclement weather, natural disasters, accidents or third party carrier delays.


During the summer and other hot times of the year, we suggest selecting "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery", especially when purchasing meltable products (e.g., chocolates) candy that is not particularly heat sensitive (hard candy, gum, powder candy, etc.) via ground shipping. During its journey from our warehouse in New York to its final destination, some types of candy cannot be exposed to temperatures over 80° F/26° C without melting.

If possible, try to ship your order to a business address as businesses often receive shipments earlier in the day and someone is onsite. When shipping to a residence and no one is home, the products will either be (1) left outside sitting in the heat or (2) put back in the hot USPS truck. If you need to ship to a residence and you cannot be home, please leave a note instructing that the package be placed under shade. In the event your package has been sitting in heat, let it "rest" at room temperature for a few hours to give it a chance to return to normal consistency.


In order to protect products as much as we can during especially warm months, will require certain orders containing meltable items (e.g., chocolate) to be shipped via "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery".

Rest assured, does not make money from shipping. We pass along all of our discounted shipping rates to you, our valued customers.

*Important Note: Even if you and take every precaution possible, there is always the chance that candy will melt during transit. Please consider the type of candy you are purchasing during warm weather months as cannot provide refunds for melted products.


Regardless of which shipping method you choose, does not provide refunds for melted products, so please consider the type of candy you are purchasing during times of warm weather.